A Skincare As Individual As You – So gentle  it is Oncology and Pregnancy Safe 


Dermaviduals® is a unique in-clinic prescriptive skincare range which is not available to purchase at any online store.  Please email me for more information.

Dermaviduals® is the invention of Dr Hans Lautenschlager. It is based on the science of repairing and maintaining the natural skin barrier. After studying chemistry and physics at the University of Berlin, he spent over 20 years working in pharmaceutical research and development in Cologne where he oversaw the development of many innovative skincare products. In 1998 he set up KOKO, the company that developed and produces Dermaviduals®


A one-size-fits-all product simply cannot address the unique concerns of every skin. Dermaviduals® offers truly custom skin care solutions that are unique for all skin types and conditions. All products are Cruelty Free, free from emulsifiers, preservatives Parabens, fragrances, mineral oils, silicones, surfactants, colours and amines.  Dermaviduals® are the perfect fit with the principles of Corneotherapy.


The  Dermaviduals® range is unique as it is custom blended to suit your skin’s needs. With 29 different actives ingredients combined with several base creams, masks and a serum to choose from in the range it is possible to blend endless combinations to meet your specific and individual needs through a custom skin care routine. You will never find anything so unique in over the counter products.

REPAIR, REPLENISH and REGENERATE your skin. These bespoke creams are compatible will all skin types and are effective in treating skin conditions such as redness, eczema, acne, ageing, dry, pigmentation, dull and irritated skin.

Dermaviduals® have a different physical structure to other skin care products and are unlike any other skin care you have used before. Dr Hans Lautenschlager created his products to contain DMS (Derma Membrane Structure) which resembles the membrane structure of the natural skin barrier, in other words the skin identifies with the ingredients. This allows the actives to be easily absorbed and accepted by the skin.


What is DMS?

DMS is the principle behind dermaviduals, but what exactly does that mean for your skin? DMS, stands for Derma Membrane Structure. This patented technology mimics the composition and structure of the stratum corneum, which is the outermost layer of your skin (and sometimes referred to as the ‘horny layer’)

The stratum corneum can be likened to a brick wall, with the loose horny cells represented by bricks and lipids (oils) by mortar. The lipids present determine the effectiveness of this protective layer of your skin. If your skin barrier is disordered, the wall will be crumbling & uneven, meaning your skin will feel dry, sensitive & irritated and will reflect this in how it looks (inflamed, red & even flaky skin). It will also be more susceptible to the penetration of foreign substances because of its irritated state.

By using products that contain DMS, you’ll maintain the natural skin barrier and prevent the breakdown of the stratum corneum’s protective components. When your skin’s protective layer is intact and healthy, your skin’s ability to hold its natural hydration will be balanced and functioning as it should.

Below is a table that represents the composition of DMS compared to the structure of the skin’s horny layer:

Dermaviduals® understand that every person’s journey with cancer is different. An insidious disease ~ symptoms, diagnosis, treatments and side effects can vary tremendously. That’s why dermaviduals customised range of skin care products is a crucial tool to assist oncology patients managing their cancer journey.

Based on the principles of corneotherapy, Dermaviduals® is indeed a unique skincare range. Starting with a base cream that has been specifically formulated to match the composition of the skin, pure, active ingredients are then added (and customised) to produce a range of products that treat the unique needs of each individual. It’s a handcrafted, bespoke skin care range, unlike any other.

So, for those afflicted by cancer Dermaviduals® products are ideally placed to manage the changes that occur to the skin during cancer treatments. Many people don’t know that each cancer treatment can cause the skin to react in different ways. As a patient goes through each stage of therapy, they need their skin therapists to adapt the products they are applying to their skin to ensure they don’t overly suffer and also that the products will continue to assist repair of compromised skin.

Using only the best ingredients from around the world together with best practice lies at the core of Dermaviduals®.   Containing no fragrances, silicones, mineral oils, amines, colours, preservatives, parabens, surfactants or emulsifiers making it safe, efficacious and gentle on the skin.

Recommended Dermaviduals® products for use by people undergoing treatment for cancer can include:

Cleansing Milk with DMS ~ a gentle cleanser, containing no damaging emulsifiers, it supports the correction of impaired skin.
Suusmoon Lotion N ~ calming and soothing, it restores natural skin oils to extremely dehydrated skin.
DMS Base Cream High Classic ~ a protecting and soothing moisturiser containing no nasties.
Boswellia Nanoparticles ~ formulated to treat barrier-disordered skin, it calms, reduces redness and strengthens capillary function.
Green Tea Extract ~ is rich in polyphenols, which assist in the prevention of environmentally induced damage.
Kiwi Seed Oil Nanoparticles ~ packed with Omega 3’s this oil is the ultimate in soothing red and irritated skin.
CM Glucan Complex – protection for barrier impaired skin that accelerates healing.
As a modular range, there are many product options in the Dermaviduals® armoury specifically formulated for compromised skin.

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