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Virtual Skin Health Consultation

The impact Covid-19 has had  on our skins is unpresidented, stress and mask wearing is adding to the number of people seeking a solution to help heal their skin.  Dermaviduals is the perfect skincare as it is skin identical, meaning the ingredients identify with your skin and are clinically proven to work on a cellular level, healing and rejuvenating your skin from the inside out as well as protecting it from the outside in.  It is free from preservatives, fragrances, colours, emulsifiers, mineral oils, silicones or surfactants.

Unlike over the counter skincare, Dermaviduals is prescriptive and can only be prescribed and sold by authorised and qualified stockists.  You are truly getting a skincare that cares for your skin.  Best of all with Dermaviduals you don’t need a long list of products to see and feel an immediate effect, we believe in a less is more approach, so even with the cleansing milk alone you will notice a difference in the texture of your skin.

The virtual skin health consultation is precise and comprehensive enabling us to get to the cause of your skin concerns which will be addressed rather than the traditional way of just looking at the symptoms.

The consultation questionnaire gives us information about your lifestyle, genetics etc. and helps us to understandwhy your skin is misbehaving.

At Skinology an holistic approach to skin health is the order of the day, that means not only prescribing topical skincare but we will look into take a deeper look to discover any dysfunction with gut microbiome.  We will refer you to a specialist when necessary.

Intrinsic conditions can impact greatly on the skin.  These include but are not limited to genetically pre-determined conditions such as hormones, auto immune disorders and diabetes.  Extrinsic conditions such as diet, water intake, stress levels, lack of sleep, medication, environmental conditions, ultra violet rays, and unsuitable skin care products can also have a negative effect your skin. With a better understanding of the structure and function of the skin, we recognise the importance of treating it with the respect it deserves.

The integrity of your skin’s protective barrier is of the utmost importance. One of the biggest mistakes we see clients make is over exfoliating – your skin does not need excessive exfoliating as it naturally desquamates – it sheds 30,000 to 40,000 loose skin cells every minute of the day!  Dead skin cells do not exist on your skin but only as dust around your home.

Keeping hydrated helps with a natural desquamation of redundant cells.  Harsh and incorrect treatments and product formulations which the skin doesn’t recognise all work together to disrupt your natural skin’s barrier.  Your skin is your largest organ, it is 12-15% of your body weight, it covers a surface area of 1-2 meters, protects you from bad bacteria, microbes and the elements, helps regulate your body temperature and permits the sensations of touch, heat and cold, it provides a waterproof barrier and creates your skin tone and is the first line of defence for your immune system.

Your skin is truly amazing.

If you are struggling with acne, any other problematic skin conditions or you are concerned with ageing, then connect with us online to discover more about your skin and how best to support it through customised prescriptive skincare.  We are proud to be changing lives not just skin!

The process consists of 5 easy to follow steps:


  1. Book here for your Online Consultation  
  2. Choose a date and time suitable for you
  3. Pay £20 booking fee to secure your appointment (fully redeemable against your prescriptive home care products)
  4. Receive a secure code to download your online Consultation form
  5. Complete your form and press send.  You will receive your appointment confirmation with a link to access our video consultation when we will have an in-depth informal chat.  This is also a great time for you to ask as many questions as you wish.

The OBSERV® 520 AIS, Skin Analysis Camera – Helping You Understand How Your Skin Functions

 Many skin conditions that we see emanate from the deeper layers of the skin and are difficult to diagnose with the human eye. The OBSERV® 520 AIS, recognises these conditions by using a patented skin fluorescence and polarised light illumination technology.

This technology allows diagnosis of skin conditions with greater accuracy as the OBSERV® 520 AIS, can see beyond what the human eye, a smart phone or a regular camera can see. It allows development of precise fine tuned bespoke treatment plans and reduces the risk of subsurface concerns being overlooked.

When it is possible to develop a precise bespoke treatment plan based off the data generated with a technology assisted skin consultation, better results can be expected. The OBSERV® 520 AIS visually displays treatment progress for superior follow ups and evaluation, your customer experience is enhanced throughout your entire treatment journey to track the changes and improvements to your skin Such detailing helps you to feel you are receiving the best care and attention for your skin. When a treatment plan is this accurate you will see a vast improvement to your skin, you are simply not just relying on what I say! Because you are looking at ourselves everyday in a mirror you become accustomed to what you see and may or may not notice subtle changes in between treatments, but when comparing your skin month by month with images made with the OBSERV® 520 AIS you will not only be able to see the improvements but you will also feel the difference to your skin combined with your bespoke treatment plan.

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