The OBSERV® 520 AIS, Skin Analysis Camera – Helping You Understand How Your Skin Functions

Many skin conditions that we see emanate from the deeper layers of the skin and are difficult to diagnose with the human eye. The OBSERV® 520 AIS, recognises these conditions by using a patented skin fluorescence and polarised light illumination technology.

This technology allows diagnosis of skin conditions with greater accuracy as the OBSERV® 520 AIS, can see beyond what the human eye, a smart phone or a regular camera can see. It allows development of precise fine tuned transformation programme and reduces the risk of subsurface concerns being overlooked.

When it is possible to develop a precise transformation programme based off the data generated with a technology assisted skin consultation, better results can be expected. The OBSERV® 520 AIS visually displays treatment progress for superior follow ups and evaluation, thr customer experience is enhanced throughout their entire treatment journey to track the changes and improvements to your skin, such detailing helps you to feel you are receiving the best care and attention for your skin. When a programme is this accurate you will see a vast improvement to your skin, you are simply not just relying on what I say! Because you are looking at yourself everyday in a mirror you become accustomed to what you see and may or may not notice subtle changes throughout your transformation, but when comparing your skin every 12 weeks with images made with the OBSERV® 520 AIS you will not only be able to see your transformation programme develop before your eyes!

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