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Bespoke facials customised to your unique skin concerns

The best skincare and treatments really aren’t complicated, they just have to be suitable for you as no two skins are alike. A blanket approach to skincare and treatments can be ineffective.

At Skinology you won’t find a long list of the usual generic facials or set protocols you may have become accustomed to. I operate a one size does NOT fit all approach. This aims to give you the long term skin health and confidence you deserve. I will create a unique bespoke transformation treatment for you each time you visit depending on what your skin needs on the day. The fact that I don’t work with set protocols gives me the opportunity to create multiple combinations for outstanding results that are perfect just for you.

Everything I prescribe has been carefully chosen by me and I also use personally.  Skincare products on offer are dermatological grade, clinically proven, results driven, non invasive and science based.  They contain no harsh chemicals, colours, preservatives, mineral oils, surfactants (soaps) or perfumes which could irritate and disturb the skin’s natural protective barrier. Advanced treatment modalities which include, Exceed Medical Microneedling, Dermalux LED, A-lift Nano/Microcurrent and Environ DF Ionzyme are all clinically proven devices, most of them are medical devices.

I really do care about your skin and the negative impact it can have on you if it is out of synch.  It makes me happy when I can help improve your skin condition and health.

Each bespoke facial incorporates a Dermaviduals customised skin care solution applying the appropriate actives for your skin needs with a combination of advanced treatment modalities.   Whichever combination I create for you, it will kickstart or prolong your journey to permanent skin health.

I am unable to perform any treatments on people with undiagnosed skin lesions or skin infections.  Being accredited annually by MASCED I am able to apply this knowledge and when necessary advise you to take action by referring you for a medical diagnosis.

Bespoke transformations can be tailored to target skin concerns such as: 


Mild to moderate Acne Scarring






Dull Skin


Lines and Wrinkles








Uneven Skin Tone










Loss of Firmness


Dark Circles

Teenage Acne Results After 2 Months

My Skin has never been better!

I honestly can’t say in words how much of a difference I’ve seen in my skin since I visited Lynne. She’s so kind, helpful and takes the time to listen to your worries. I’d suffered with acne for over 10 years, and had been on Roaccutane 3 times. Nothing seemed to work or last on my skin and I must have spent thousands on trying anything that might work.

When I first visited Lynne she did a in depth consultation with me about my skin history, diet, lifestyle etc. All I wanted to do at that stage was to feel comfortable leaving the house with no make up on. I can honestly say after 3 months using the tailored prescription serums and following Lynne’s advice about cutting out diary, my skin has never been better and my only regret is not visiting sooner. I cannot recommend her highly enough!


A First Class Experience

A first class experience with expert knowledge of healthy skin from the inside out. ​After years of no confidence and suffering from a number of different skin conditions I went to Lynne for a skin consultation and treatment. When it comes to your skin you need someone you can trust! Lynne's expert knowledge and ability to explain and share gave me so much confidence.

The consultation was so thorough, exploring and analysing not only my skin, but my health and the products I use. As a result I had my very own bespoke products made for my treatment, specially designed to target all I wanted to achieve with my skin. The treatment took me to a space of tranquility. With confidence in the treatments and products I was able to relax fully, in a beautiful salon with a tranquil setting, which allowed me to completely unwind and enjoy. Finishing with a special gold infusion water I felt I had been on my very own retreat.An experience not to be missed.


Bespoke Treatments

Thorough skincare consultation and advice, bespoke treatments and skincare led me to having a complete trust in the hands of Lynne. The advice she gave me will stay with me. Highly recommended.


Beautiful Facial

Thank you so much for my beautiful facial the facial that keeps giving.
From the moment I entered the salon I felt calm, comfortable and relaxed. Lynne was extremely professional and efficient for the first time in a long time I felt I had found the answer to my hyper pigmentation. 
All my questions were answered With knowledge and ease. The products felt beautiful on my skin. The salon was very clean and hygienic. I fell asleep as I listened to the calm relaxing music and Lynne focused on my skin. There was no Unnecessary chat And I was able to totally unwind in a bubble of comfort. My skin glowed for days. Can’t wait to return.

Skinology is a hidden gem of a salon.

Skinology is a hidden gem of a salon. The salon is immaculately clean yet cosy. It’s in such a tranquil spot that you can enjoy complete peace and privacy during your treatment. You won’t be disturbed by any noises and you can come and go make-up free without having to bump into anyone.
Lynne has such a warm, calming manner that it immediately puts you at ease. She also has a vast wealth of knowledge on skin and how to get it to it’s absolute best.
Lynne’s passion for skin and her aftercare advice really made me take even better care of my skin in between appointments which really supports and builds on the wonderful effects of the in-salon treatments. The custom-made skincare that was blended specially for my skin has made such a big difference that I have literally watched my skin get better every day since I started using it.
It’s all about very effective treatments and products, while still being gentle and respecting the delicate nature of the skin. Now I have found Lynne and her beautiful salon and experienced the results I would not go to anyone else. This is what I’ve always been looking for and have never managed to find despite trying many many places!

Bespoke Facial FAQS

what skin conditions do you treat with a bespoke facial?

I can treat all skin conditions including acne, rosacea, psoriasis and dermatitis. As a corneotherapist and gut health practitioner, I work from the inside out to get to the bottom of why your skin is not functioning correctly. I address the cause not just the symptoms.

how many bespoke facials will I need?

My aim is to get your skin back to good health therefore we have to work together as a team. I will see you for an initial consultation/treatment and you will have several diagnostic photographs taken at this point with the Observ Skin Analysis camera and again after 3 months as a comparison. As I offer skin transformations it is impossible to say how many facials you may need.

For example some clients need just 1 or 2 treatments over 3 to 6 months, have followed my guidance with the treatment plan I created for them to the letter, they have obtained outstanding long lasting results. Other clients require more intensive work internally and externally for example 6 to 12 treatments over 12 months to 18 months (Most people do not require such intensive work). I will create a Comprehensive Transformational Programme for your specific requirements.

I've never had a facial before, what should I book in for?

A consultation is mandatory before any facial can be undertaken. It is important to obtain a thorough understanding of your skin issues. As in your question, most people have no idea what their skin needs. A consultation takes around 1 hour and will give a greater indication why your skin is unhappy. That’s why it’s important to trust your skin expert as we are trained to understand how skin should function correctly and will recommend a complete treatment plan to get you to love your skin again.

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Can men have facials?

Yes, it is very beneficial for men to have facials. Men secrete a higher amount of sebum, this means generally they have an oily skin which can lead to blackheads and ingrown hairs.

I am pregnant, can I still have facials? If so, what kind?

Yes, you can still have facials during pregnancy. Adjustments will be made for your comfort after the 1st trimester. All products used at LS Skinology are pregnancy safe.

What should you avoid before and after a facial?

You should avoid drinking alcohol, sun exposure, hair removal and any abrasive treatments before and after your facial for up to 48 hours. Excessive sun exposure and smoking can have an adverse effect on your skin, causing premature ageing and skin cancer. It is imperative to apply a broad spectrum SPF of 30 of higher daily, 365 days of a year. Keeping well hydrated before and after facial incorporating lymph drainage is necessary to help flush toxins from the body.

What is the most effective facial?

Any facial that utilises high grade actives, enzymatic masks and LED light therapy.

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