Your well-being is paramount to us

You can enjoy a safe and hygienic environment that complies with the latest guidelines issued by Government
Regular risk assessments of the clinic are carried out in accordance with these guidelines

Due to Covid-19, safety and client care measures have increased beyond our already high cleaning and sanitisation standards. Our business runs off your support and loyalty and we look forward to welcoming you to support your skin and equally you will be supporting us as a small business.


Treatment beds, all surfaces and touch points are cleaned and wiped with the appropriate cleaning/disinfection products between each treatment, a 15 minute clean down block is reserved for this.

Disposable towels and bedding are exchanged between each client.  We wear full PPE which is also disposed of after each client.

A medical grade air exchange unit has been installed and therefore you can be assured of an environment with purified clean air.

You will also notice a misting/fogging machine which disinfects the treatment room between clients with a Hypochlorous Acid mist/fogger. If you notice a slight haze when you enter the clinic don’t be alarmed as this is just the residue from the fogger and it is harmless.

What is Hypochlorous Acid?(HOCI)

HOCI is generated when white blood cells attack harmful bacteria and is harmless to the human body. In December 2019 Optometry Times published an article on HOCl and they explain it much better than I can… “HOCl is a weak acid that occurs naturally in our body. Neutrophils are white blood cells that are the first to arrive on site when an invading pathogen is detected. Neutrophils will chase down and engulf the pathogen through phagocytosis. Upon contact, neutrophils release a burst of bactericidal chemicals including its most powerful oxidising agent, HOCl. This kills the pathogen by tearing down the cell membranes and proteins”. HOCI is kinder but more effective than bleach. It is completely safe for humans, animals and plants.

All items of equipment are cleaned and disinfected after every treatment.

Freshly laundered hot mitts are used to compliment treatments. After use they are placed in a sealed box and removed between treatments ready for re-laundering

The treatment bed is heated and covered with a vinyl cover, freshly laundered towels and bed roll, a luxury quality disposable towel is used to cover yiu for your comfort.  The bed is thoroughly cleaned down with the appropriate cleaning/disinfectant/fogging products and freshly laundered towels, disposable towels and bedroll applied between treatments.

Used towels are removed from the clinic between each treatment for laundering.

Single-use disposable items and towels are used and disposed of in the appropriate closed lid bin and removed daily

All retail products are kept in drawers as there is a no touch policy

All skincare products are kept in drawers and your prescription will be dispensed directly before your arrival

A deep clean is completed at the end of each working day.

Uniform/scrubs are freshly laundered daily

PPE is worn during treatments, these include gloves, full cover apron, hair cover, surgical face mask and face shield/or goggles. My hands are washed/sanitised before, during and after every treatment. All PPE is replaced after every treatment

I stay with you throughout your treatment – not venturing out of the treatment room – to reduce the need to replace PPE during your treatment


Please come to your appointment alone

Please come with a cleansed skin free of mascara, make-up and moisturiser as removal will result in a reduced treatment time.

Please scan the QR Code which is located on the clinic door using the NHS App on your smart phone if you have downloaded it.

Your temperature will be taken on arrival

Please do not bring excess baggage or unnecessary outer clothing to your appointment


If you are a new client please book a virtual skin health consultation here

All Consent and consultations forms are sent virtually to cut down on contact time in clinic and should be returned within 24 hours of your appointment

In accordance with government guidelines you will be sent an online Covid-19 pre-screening form 24 hours prior to your appointment, please return this before your visit. If the form is not received before your appointed time I reserve the right to cancel your appointment.

Given the rapid change of circumstances if you or a member of your household have to self isolate the cancellation fees will be suspended.


Not arrive too early. Please wait in your car until you receive an sms from me at your appointed treatment time

Use the hand sanitiser supplied on entering the clinic.

Put on the shoe covers provided on entry OR remove your shoes (don’t forget to bring your socks in this case)

NOT attend your appointment if you or anyone you live with is self-isolating or displaying symptoms known to be consistent with Covid -19

Contact me and rearrange your appointment, if you have a temperature, or are feeling unwell or if any person in your household has the same or is self isolating


If I or a member of my household have to self isolate, feel unwell, have a temperature or show signs of Covid-19 I will contact you immediately to rearrange your appointment.

I am very happy to discuss any of the individual concerns you may have, please feel free to speak to me anytime.

Thank you for your support, patience and co-operation. I look forward to welcoming you.

Please note: I will do everything in my power to keep you safe whilst visiting Skinology and I ask the same courtesy from you. I reserve the right to seek legal action against any individuals who fail to notify me of their COVID-19 symptoms, self-isolation or illness.

I reserve the right to amend or adjust these guidelines based on government policy and/or new research to protect clients and my safety