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The Gentler Way for 100% Permanent Hair Removal

A worldwide unique design, the Apilus xCell uses a 27.12 MHz ultrafast radio frequency. Since this frequency is up to 6 times faster than that of other hair removal devices, the Apilus xCell focuses energy more intensely at the base of the hair, producing permanent results much more quickly on all hair types. Thanks to its 27.12 MHz ultrafast radio frequency and exclusive techniques, the Apilus xCell offers an unparalleled level o comfort for permanent hair removal. The treatment is performed so quickly that the station is barely noticeable. A mere thousandth of a second is enough to eliminate unwanted hair! Being able to offer such a high level of comfort, the Apilus xCell has become the preferred solution for all body areas and types of clients, including the most sensitive ones!

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Electrolysis Hair Removal Before and Afters

Electrolysis hair removal

Electrolysis hair removal has been and remains the only 100% permanent hair removal method recognised by the British Medical Association (BMA) and the US Food & Drugs Association (FDA).
Electrolysis is recognised as a very safe and reliable method of treating ALL skin and hair colours.

Dr Charles Michel first used electrolysis very successfully in 1875 to remove ingrown eyelashes. He discovered that treating the follicle with electrolysis destroyed the hairs permanently. Various new treatments have come and gone over the years for hair reduction or non-permanent hair removal. Electrolysis remains the only treatment that can permanently remove unwanted hair growth when performed by a qualified, experienced practitioner.

I am licensed, Sterex trained and qualified VTCT Level 3 in Electrolysis Permanent Hair Removal and VTCT Level 4 Advanced Electrolysis Blemish Removal.


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About Electrolysis

Electrolysis is performed by a fine filament, the diameter of your hair, being inserted into the hair follicle and an ultrafast current moves down the filament to destroy the cells responsible for hair growth.

Due to Apilus advanced technology hair removal is very comfortable, rapid and effective.

There are four methods of electrolysis:

  • Galvanic (which chemicals dissolves the follicle)
  • Thermolysis (which uses localised heat)
  • Flash (which uses high frequency is ultrafast thermolysis)
  • Blend (which uses both galvanic and thermolysis).


About Advanced Electrolysis Blemish Removal

Do you have skin imperfections you would like to get rid of?

If you have skin tags, milia, facial thread veins, blood spots or even hairs in moles the treatments offered at LS Skinology are just what you’ve been searching for! Most people are unaware that there are short affordable treatments that can rectify bothersome skin blemishes, you don’t have to try to hide or cover them up any longer. Non-surgical blemish removal otherwise known as advanced electrolysis is a very effective and safe method of removing a variety of skin imperfections.

Shortwave diathermy current is utilised to treat skin imperfections.  A very fine filament is used to pass heat from a small electrical current into the tissue.  The treatment is localised to ensure minimum discomfort during the procedure. The length of the treatment is dependent on the blemish being treated and its severity.  There may be a very mild sensitivity post-treatment in the area for a few days.  There may also be some mild swelling and redness but this is not always the case.  Scarring is minimal and usually none at all.

Before proceeding with treatment, we will carry out a thorough consultation to rule out any contraindications and if a medical referral is necessary.  Hairs in moles will always require GP approval. Comprehensive aftercare instructions will also be discussed with you at consultation to manage and minimise any after-effects.


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Electrolysis Blemish Removal Before and Afters

Hair growth cycle

Hair growth happens in all phases but not all hairs are in the same phase at the same time. Therefore it takes repeated visits to clear an entire area. The more dense your hair (amount per sq inch) the longer it takes to remove it all. (The face has up to an estimated 500 hair follicles per sq inch ), so you see it is important that you stay consistent with your treatments in order to see optimal results.

Anagen – The active growing phase. The hair is attached to the dermal papilla where it receives nourishment and hormones. The cells in the root of the hair multiply at speed to create new hair growth

Catagen – The transitional phase. The hair transitions from active resting. This is the shortest phase time-wise. The hair detaches from the dermal papilla and begins to slowly move up the follicle

Telogen – The resting phase. The hair is shed from the follicle as a replacement hair starts to grow

Hair cells can be permanently destroyed in all phases of hair growth with the Apilus XCell.


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Hair Growth Cycle

Hair growth causes

Excessive or unwanted hair can impact your self-esteem to the point that it may be difficult to carry out normal activities such as going to work or socialising. Electrolysis is a means to have excessive/unwanted hair permanently removed and for you to be able to live the life you deserve!

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There are many reasons for excessive hair growth:



Impacted by the hormones of the endocrine system. Androgen stimulates fast-growing terminal hair on a female in a male pattern.



Excessive hair growth which has no relation to hormone stimulation. It can be due to genetics or racial predisposition. Laser hair removal can also result in an adverse effect called paradoxical hypertrichosis which causes hairs that have been dormant for years, to regrow thicker, darker and coarser. This is especially true for facial areas on darker hair types.


Normal systemic hair growth

Results in natural changes to the endocrine system for example, pregnancy, menopause, stress, puberty and certain topical and oral medications ie. steroids, hormones, antidepressants and anticonvulsants.


Abnormal systemic hair growth

Results from a dysfunction of the endocrine system for example, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), cushings syndrome, hysterectomy and anorexia nervosa


Congential hair growth

is normal genetic or hereditary hair growth


Topical hair growth

is the result of tweezing, waxing or threading

Electrolysis Consultation

A consultation is mandatory.  This is when the process of the electrolysis treatment will be discussed in depth. In order to plan treatment effectively, we will discuss hair growth cycles and how electrolysis works to permanently remove hair.

I carry out a patch test so you can experience the sensation of electrolysis, find the working point, and assess your skin and its reaction, your hair type, strength and density. The consultation also allows you to discuss any concerns you may have.

You will be required to complete a detailed questionnaire, please be honest and disclose all health conditions.

The cost of the consultation is £50 and takes around 60 to 90 minutes. It includes a patch test and the appropriate aftercare

LGBTQIA Friendly 

Lynne Electrolysis Lancashire UK

Electrolysis FAQS

How much does Electrolysis hair removal and Blemish removal cost?


30 minutes £45

45 minutes £60

60 minutes £80

90 minutes £110

For body POA

Includes aftercare treatment with Cataphoresis to help skin to recover quickly (usually £10)



1 to 3 Skin Tags £50

4 to 8 Skin Tags £90

9 to 12 Skin Tags £130

Cherry Angioma (Blood Spots)

1 to 3 £50

4 to 8 £75

9 to 12 £110


1 to 3 £50

4 to 8 £75

9 to 12 £110

Hairs in Mole Removal £60 – GP Consent required

Facial Thread vein removal £50 per 15 minutes

Facial Spider vein removal £50 per 15 minutes


Wart and Verucca Removal per lesion £75

Seborrheic Keratosis per lesion £75 (GP Consent Required)

Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra up to area size of 50 pence piece £75

Syringoma up to area size of 50 pence piece £75

Xanthelasma up to area size of 50 pence piece £75

Sebaceous Cyst from £95 for a small cyst to £150 for a large cyst

Pilar Cyst from £95 for a small cyst to £150 for a large cyst

Epidermoid Cyst from £95 for a small cyst to £150 for a large cyst

Sebaceous Hyperplasia per lesion £45 (GP Consent Required)

Mole Reduction from £145 (GP Consent Required)

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Does Electrolysis Hurt?

I use the Apilus Xcell Pur which effectively targets hair blood supply for total destruction while offering comfort the likes of which have yet to be seen in permanent hair removal.  You may feel a very slight and short sensation of the current but should not feel hairs being epilated. Some clients even sleep through their treatment. If you have had electrolysis before you will definitely feel the difference with Apilus XCell Pur.

What does Electrolysis feel like?

The sensation you may experience is dependent on many things, including the area treated, which method is being used, medication, and the time of the month. It is much more comfortable than tweezing or waxing. When the current is applied to the follicle it may feel like a pinch or a warm sensation of the current, or may not feel any sensation at all.  You should not feel the probe is inserted into the follicle, nor should you feel a plucking sensation of the hair.  The current used is lightning quick from between 100th to 1000th of a second.  At your consultation, we will find a current which suits you best.

Most clients are pleasantly surprised as the Apilus electrolysis systems are much more comfortable than other systems.

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How long does a treatment take?

This depends on many factors such as the size of area to be cleared, hair type, location and density of hair growth. Sessions may take between 15 minutes to two hours.  Some areas can take up to 18 months or more to completly clear, this is because it takes that long for all hairs to appear in their cycle. Hormonally induced hair growth as sen in women with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) will also take a longer time period as the slightly elevated levels of androgen triggers hair growth.

How many treatments will I need?

Each case is different, it depends on the hair growth, medication, underlying cause of hair growth, the area is being treated and how large that area is.  Imagine there are around 500 hair follicles per square centimeter of skin, the hair growth is in different stages so you may think the same hair has come back a day or two after treatment but this is not the case.

What causes unwanted hair?

The two most common causes are hereditary factors and the ageing process. Glandular disturbances, pregnancy, stress, certain medications, obesity and anorexia nervosa are other causes of excess hair growth. They stimulate the hormone necessary to grow excess hair. Electrolysis does not cure the causes of excess hair growth but eliminates the effects of the various causes.

Many women suffer from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) which causes excessive hair growth in a male pattern (known as hirsutism) on the face and body.  It is a truly debilitating condition that the exact cause of is unknown but is prone to run in families.  70% of women who suffer from PCOS will have unwanted hair growth affecting the face, chest and buttocks. Shaving daily is a natural occurrence!   This has a huge impact on all aspects of their personal life and health.  Depression and anxiety are the norm!

Unfortunately, women with PCOS are not given funding by the NHS to aid with the hair removal as it is considered as cosmetic!  This is something that has to change.  I will do my best to help anyone to feel good about themselves and love who looks back at them in the mirror.

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Where can I have Electrolysis done?

Almost anywhere… unwanted hair can be safely removed from most body areas, including hairline, eyebrows, upper and lower lip, cheeks, sideburns, chin, neck, shoulders, arms, underarms, fingers, hands, chest, breasts, abdomen, bikini line, legs, back and toes.

How will my skin look after a treatment?

The skin may be slightly red, this is a reaction caused by dilation and congestion of superficial capillaries. Also known as erythema.  Some clients show little effects post-treatment. Body treatments may display tiny pinprick scabbing which may take longer to heal than facial areas. Bruising can occur when small blood vessels leak their contents into the soft tissue beneath the skin. A bruise can also occur from your electrologist’s finger pressure when the electrolysis probe punctures a follicle wall or if you have taken aspirin or other blood thinning medication or supplements.

Your electrolysis treatment will always conclude with Cataphoresis.  This treatment reduces redness, calms, soothes, restores the skin’s pH and prevents infection. Within an hour of Cataphoresis treatment, you will see your skin return to normal levels.  Cataphoresis is especially beneficial for hypersensitive skin. Written and verbal aftercare will be given after each treatment.

Electrolysis should not result in pitting or scarring. Keeping your skin in good condition is a joint commitment, which will give you the best results and treatment experience possible. Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH) may occur in darker skin types. This is not from an electrolysis error but from the nature of these types of skin. PIH usually subsides once the irritation of treatments has been stopped and can take up to a year to disappear. Pigmentation spots known as melasma are unrelated to electrolysis but can become more noticeable once excess hair has been removed.

Most skin damage is caused by digging and picking the skin before and after electrolysis treatments. Chin acne will clear up after electrolysis if it is caused by tweezing of chin hairs. Tweezing contributes to the retention of root sheath remnants and inflames the skin, tweezing can also result in hairs being broken off under the skin to become ingrown to cause chin acne.

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What is the normal growth of a hair?

Hairs have differing cycles of growth, many of which are not visual on the surface of the skin at the same time. The follicle produces the hair for the blood supply and discards it eventually through shedding. The process of growth, rest and replaced are known as the hair growth cycle. The sequence of events is repeated constantly until a hair ceases to be formed.

Can a pregnant woman have electrolysis treatments?

During the first trimester it is not advisable to undergo electrolysis. Why? In order to keep sources of stress to a minimum during this high risk period. After the first trimester electrolysis can be performed with short wave diathermy (Thermolysis) only above the neck. Medical clearance is required to ensure the pregnancy is going well and no complications are expected.

Can hairs be removed from moles?

In short, yes with written approval from your GP

What about Laser/IPL Treatments?

Electrolysis treats each hair follicle individually to stop another hair from growing. Laser tends to treat larger areas using a laser or light-based lamp which can stop hair growing for several months before another treatment is needed, hence it is known as hair reduction rather than permanent hair removal.  Laser/IPL is generally sought only when hair reduction is desired but the best and only FDA and British Medical Association-approved option for permanent hair removal is electrolysis.  Laser hair removal should never be performed on the face as there is clinical evidence to suggest a condition called Laser Induced Paradoxical Hypertrichosis (Laser induced hair growth).

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Can hair be removed from a tattoo?

Yes, it is not a problem, is it actually an excellent method for hair removal within a tattoo and will enhance the design

Is Electrolysis Safe?

I implement Stringent disinfection procedures and sterilisation using the Enbio Autoclave for all electrolysis tools and you can expect only the highest level of hygiene to apply at all times. I am is fully licensed and registered with West Lancs Borough Council to meet all of your health and safety requirements.

A single use sterile disposable probe is used for each client and is disposed of in a puncture proof container after each use. Tweezers, electrodes and chuck caps are disinfected using a surgical grade enzyme solution, air dried, packed in pouches and sterilised using the Enbio Autoclave before and after each use to prevent any cross contamination.

Do you treat transgender clients?

Yes, I am inclusive, trans-friendly and trained by Sterex in transgender electrolysis.  The clinic is discreet and welcoming, you will be put at ease from the moment you walk through the door.  I understand your transition is not just about simply removing hair,  it is about finally feeling comfortable in your skin.  I am dedicated to helping you on your journey to align your body with your soul.

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Who can have electrolysis done?

Anyone who wants to remove excess hair permanently is a perfect candidate for this amazing treatment. It is a very desirable solution for unwanted hair for those suffering from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), hirsutism, hypertrichosis and those going through gender transition.

Electrolysis is effective on all skin and hair types and colours, including grey and red.  There are no age restrictions or limits for anyone wishing to have electrolysis (parental, child and GP written consent will be necessary for those under 18’s). Everyone is welcome, regardless of gender, ethnicity or background.  LS Skinology is inclusive!

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My Skin has never been better!

I honestly can’t say in words how much of a difference I’ve seen in my skin since I visited Lynne. She’s so kind, helpful and takes the time to listen to your worries. I’d suffered with acne for over 10 years, and had been on Roaccutane 3 times. Nothing seemed to work or last on my skin and I must have spent thousands on trying anything that might work.

When I first visited Lynne she did a in depth consultation with me about my skin history, diet, lifestyle etc. All I wanted to do at that stage was to feel comfortable leaving the house with no make up on. I can honestly say after 3 months using the tailored prescription serums and following Lynne’s advice about cutting out diary, my skin has never been better and my only regret is not visiting sooner. I cannot recommend her highly enough!


A First Class Experience

A first class experience with expert knowledge of healthy skin from the inside out. ​After years of no confidence and suffering from a number of different skin conditions I went to Lynne for a skin consultation and treatment. When it comes to your skin you need someone you can trust! Lynne's expert knowledge and ability to explain and share gave me so much confidence.

The consultation was so thorough, exploring and analysing not only my skin, but my health and the products I use. As a result I had my very own bespoke products made for my treatment, specially designed to target all I wanted to achieve with my skin. The treatment took me to a space of tranquility. With confidence in the treatments and products I was able to relax fully, in a beautiful salon with a tranquil setting, which allowed me to completely unwind and enjoy. Finishing with a special gold infusion water I felt I had been on my very own retreat.An experience not to be missed.


Bespoke Treatments

Thorough skincare consultation and advice, bespoke treatments and skincare led me to having a complete trust in the hands of Lynne. The advice she gave me will stay with me. Highly recommended.


Beautiful Facial

Thank you so much for my beautiful facial the facial that keeps giving.
From the moment I entered the salon I felt calm, comfortable and relaxed. Lynne was extremely professional and efficient for the first time in a long time I felt I had found the answer to my hyper pigmentation. 
All my questions were answered With knowledge and ease. The products felt beautiful on my skin. The salon was very clean and hygienic. I fell asleep as I listened to the calm relaxing music and Lynne focused on my skin. There was no Unnecessary chat And I was able to totally unwind in a bubble of comfort. My skin glowed for days. Can’t wait to return.

Skinology is a hidden gem of a salon.

Skinology is a hidden gem of a salon. The salon is immaculately clean yet cosy. It’s in such a tranquil spot that you can enjoy complete peace and privacy during your treatment. You won’t be disturbed by any noises and you can come and go make-up free without having to bump into anyone.
Lynne has such a warm, calming manner that it immediately puts you at ease. She also has a vast wealth of knowledge on skin and how to get it to it’s absolute best.
Lynne’s passion for skin and her aftercare advice really made me take even better care of my skin in between appointments which really supports and builds on the wonderful effects of the in-salon treatments. The custom-made skincare that was blended specially for my skin has made such a big difference that I have literally watched my skin get better every day since I started using it.
It’s all about very effective treatments and products, while still being gentle and respecting the delicate nature of the skin. Now I have found Lynne and her beautiful salon and experienced the results I would not go to anyone else. This is what I’ve always been looking for and have never managed to find despite trying many many places!

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