What is corneotherapy?

Corneotherapy is not a brand of skincare, however, the chemistry and modalities within a skincare range will depict if the range works with the principals of corneotherapy. A corneotherapeutic skincare line needs to adhere to strict guidelines to be correctly classed as Corneotherapeutic.

At the base of corneotherapy is the need to protect and restore the stratum corneum (the outermost layer of the skin), at the same time supporting the 1st an 3rd limes of skin barrier defence: the acid mantle and the multilamellar lipid bilayer. The destruction of which leads to the appearance of skin diseases, allergies, infections, (Impaired enzyme activity) dehydration, ethythema(redness) and dryness.

it’s not actually the products but the overall chemistry of each of the products in the range which will determine if the product line is corneotherapeutic , therefore working with the skin and not against it.


Corneotherapy aims at the recovery of the stratum corneum (The upper most layer of the skin) and above all it improves the function of the skin barrier and subsequently the overall homeostasis of the skin.  At the core of corneotherapy are the three R’s, Repair, Replenish and Regenerate

Everyone has a different skin concern – discolouration, redness, breakouts, dryness, wrinkles or reactive skin.

These are all indications of compromised skin. Without the skins barrier defence functioning properly, the inner world of the epidermis (outer layer of skin) and dermis (deeper layer of skin) is open to the extremes of the outer environments that contain allergens and pathogens.

Consider the analogy of a house with missing roof tiles, the inner part of the house is open to the extremes of the environment and becomes damp and mouldy, creating an unhealthy ecosystem for the residents. When thinking of a compromised skin in these terms, it immediately becomes apparent and logical that by repairing the outer defence and structural components of the epidermis (outer layer of skin), the inner world will return to homeostasis and calm.

At the Repair stage, we are working to repair the ‘’roof ‘’of your skin to be able move to the next step. It is the most important step as without completing it, the following won’t work!

Everyone’s skin is different therefore we will look at customised product and treatment options for your specific skin needs.

Once the skin’s ‘’roof’’ is repaired we can introduce nutrients supplied topically to ensure a healthy and viable cell membrane, that ‘’kickstarts’’ cellular activity in your skin – transfer of oxygen, hormones, nutrients, and elimination of waste.

In the Replenish stage we ‘’feed’’ the skin to make it as ‘’fit’’ as possible for the next step. Accordingly, to your specific skin needs and concerns we will use fully customised actives and bespoke facial treatments.

Once the upper skin cells have been repaired and replenished, we can move down to the deeper layers of skin to achieve desired skin results.

By following the 3R’s you will be on the pathway to sustainable skin health and the pathway that will care for your skin throughout your lifetime.