Skin Bacteria

skin bacteria


When we say keep your hands away from your face, this is why!

 Microbiologist Tasha Sturm colonised her child’s hand sample in a Petri dish and this is what grew! We are covered in billions of strains of bacteria. Plus we collect all sorts of microbes as we go about our regular daily life.

 Having a strong skin microbiome is vital to protecting us from all kinds of things we come into contact with as our natural bacteria helps to neutralise the naughty stuff before it can get into our bodies.

 The healthier our skin, the healthier our microbiome. But did you know that some skin care ingredients destroy our microbiome and the space that they live?

 That’s why we say – Not all skin care is skin ‘care’!

skin bacteria


Melanin Melanin is a natural pigment in the skin. Melanin causes the skin to tan. Melanin has two forms: Eumelanin is black and brown and Phoemelanin is red or yellow. The higher the amounts of Eumelanin and the lower the amounts of Phoemelanin you have will be...

Can Ingredients & Creams Actually Change Skin Cells?

can ingredients and creams change skin cells? This should be read by those that desire a healthy glowing skin. This is why I only use skincare products (myself and in clinic) that identify with the skin and work on a cellular level. Vitamin A is the most important...

What is corneotherapy?

Corneotherapy is not a brand of skincare, however, the chemistry and modalities within a skincare range will depict if the range works with the principals of corneotherapy. A corneotherapeutic skincare line needs to adhere to strict guidelines to be correctly classed...